Google has today announced that they’ve launched the new 2.2.0 SDK for Android Wear, but for Android Wear users the upcoming Android Wear 2.9 update is much more important and Google has details to share on that.

The update includes three main features:

  • New unread notification indicator (on by default)
  • ComplicationDrawable now handles permission
  • New Callback indicates if ComplicationDrawable completed loading images/icons

Developers will have some control over the unread notification indicator, allowing them to change the colour of the ring around the dot-shaped indicator which will show at the bottom of the screen, to better match the watch face.

The ComplicationDrawable permission handling means you’ll simply tap on a complication if it needs permission to start a permission dialogue screen allowing you to accept (or deny) permission. This also means that the watch face will no longer re-draw the complication every second, simply letting it update as the developer requires it.

The updates are going to be coming soon, but given we just saw Android Wear 2.8 begin rolling out it could be a little while yet before 2.9 arrives.

Source: Android Developers Blog.