The launch of Google Pay earlier this month, a combination of the person to person transactions of Google Wallet and Android Pay’s NFC and online transaction service, is in full swing with Google beginning to push Google Pay branding to Android phones all over the world.

The Google Pay (G Pay) branding is showing up in Tap & Pay in Settings, and we’ve confirmed it’s showing on handsets here in Australia. It’s a pretty basic rollout of branding simply updating the Android Pay graphics asset to Google Pay. The Android Pay and Google Wallet apps remain unchanged – although Google has never actually said that these apps would be changed or combined.

The rebrand of Android Pay and Google Wallet into a combined Google Pay service will be a big move, considering the push they’ve put behind Android Pay into the general public’s consciousness. There’s physical assets like the Android Pay stickers on stores, branding assets on EFTPOS terminals, and then banks would have to update their information as well. It’s a big job.

You can check on your device (and let us know which device you’re on below) by looking at the Tap & Pay section in Settings.

Via: DroidLife.
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    I’m seeing it on my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact as well.


    I have it on my Telstra Pixel 2.


    Will Google rebrand the Android Pay app as well? It hasn’t got any updates since last 7th.


    This update won’t give us money transfer ability like they have in the US right? I think in the US you can request and send payments through Google Wallet. Seems like this won’t do that for us, which is annoying because that feature would be so useful. Could finally move away from the horrible Westpac app.


    Yeah, hopefully that functionality will rollout here. Would be so extremely useful as I transfer money with friends a lot, and having something to just request and pay money simply would be great.


    Do they need to get some licence in Australia to do this? But I do hope the Pay ID release could help us a lot on money transfer.

    Chris Rowland

    They’d likely need to register with the financial regulators, but it isn’t impossible. PayPal did it.


    Using Pixel Xl 2, still has android Pay on it. Use it all the time. Guess I’m on the back end of the rollout schedule.

    Dennis Bareis

    I’d tried my banks version and basically I never once succeeded, with Android pay it almost never fails and that is generally the POS terminals fault, its very easy to use and I like the detailed receipt information it provides in app.

    What I don’t like about Google/Android pay is that its a little bit too easy, I’d like more security options, like needing the screen on AND having the app in the foreground.

    Justin Virly

    This might be a dumb question, but I’m only with one bank, CBA and they’ve had tap and pay for quite a while and it works great for me. Is there a point in having Google Pay?

    Chris Rowland

    Not a dumb question at all. I find G Pay / Android Pay is more seamless than banks’ proprietary offerings. No need to open an app, or authenticate an app, or anything. Just unlock – using a secure screen lock – and then you can pay straight away. It’s just quicker and easier, but honestly, it’s a minor thing. I use Samsung Pay as well (via a smartwatch) and it’s just as easy as G Pay. I pay using my phone sometimes too. It all works… frankly having all these options is amazing.

    I do love the future 🙂

    Justin Virly

    Thanks. The Commbank app is like that too. Just fingerprint to unlock and tap, no need to launch the all or anything. I think you can set it to not even need the phone to be awake, but that seems too careless

    Chris Rowland

    Yeah I think some sort of unlock is sensible, unless it’s something attached to your body. I like the way that Android Wear / Samsung Gear works with payments – if it senses it remains on your body, you unlock it once and it stays unlocked (no PIN or anything needed, you just hold the Pay button). If you take it off, automatically it senses it’s off the body and you need your PIN again. Android Pay is just a bit more.. standardised I guess. It works well for banks and other institutions that don’t have their own app /… Read more »


    I use Android Pay almost every day, and you sure you don’t need to open the Android Pay app? I think I’ve tried just hovering my phone over and eftpos machine but it didn’t do anything until I opened the Android Pay app and then hovered over it?

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Chris Rowland

    Maybe so.. I only ever have to unlock the phone and android pay works. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually opened the app after I set it up. Perhaps in NFC settings or in tap n pay settings (depending on your phone) android pay isn’t set as default?


    Hmm, I’ll try it again on Monday. I have Android Pay as default and only have one card linked to it. Maybe I just open the app out of habit, not knowing you don’t need to actually open the app to pay…

    Thanks Chris.

    Teh Bdg

    Here on my OnePlus 5T


    Had it on my Pixel XL for 2 or 3 weeks (since the Google Play Services update to 11.9.51 about 10 January i think)


    The captcha needs fixing. So hard to comment on Ausdroid.

    Chris Rowland

    Some users were still being shown that Captcha. It’s since been updated and removed entirely, and we’ll use other tools to prevent spam. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Pete.


    Trust Google to fragment their products only to realise they messed it up and then go with the solution they should have started with all along.

    Mel Mac

    I have it on my HTC u11 (Telstra)

    Dean Rosolen

    Still pointless while St George are still dragging their feet on support. If only changing bank accounts wasn’t so complicated.

    Troy Dunton

    It’s here on my unbranded S8+