Google’s new Files Go app which launched last year has gotten an update allowing it to now work on tablets, check your SD and control which apps open certain files.

The updates are in response to user behaviours such as the addition of SD card support. Google is monitoring usage in areas where File management on lower end devices are used and found that SD cards are very much still in use. Now you can tap in the list or grid view to filter just by files stored on an SD card.

Also added in the latest update is the option to use Files Go on tablets. The built-in wireless file sharing capability in Files Go allows you to easily move files back and forth between your phone or your tablet. It may even be worth trying this with your Chromebook if you can install it.

The Files Go app also introduces a new way to customise which apps on your device open which files. A new ‘Open With’ work flow allows you to quickly and easily associate a file type with an app.

The updates are available in the Files Go app on Google Play, so head over and install it to check the updates out.

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google.