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HTC won’t be launching its next new flagship phone at MWC 2018


Mobile World Congress is just around the corner. A lot is being said about which big brands will launch various things, but less is being said about which won’t. Samsung will launch their new Galaxy S9 line, and because of this, it seems many brands won’t be launching their products at the show to avoid getting lost in the news cycle.

A leak from within HTC suggests that the Taiwanese company will not announce its new flagship, the rumored HTC U12, at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We understand that the company is planning to host a separate event after MWC. No specific date has been mentioned, but expect a launch event in either March or April.

Will it be HTC’s U12? Will it be something else? Little is known about what HTC is working on, but there are some safe bets. Whatever its name, the new phone will likely resemble the HTC U11 Plus with some changes. As is the trend, slimming bezels mean the front-mounted fingerprint sensor may migrate to the rear, but other popular features from 2017’s HTC U11 series will likely return – the phone will probably be made out of metal and glass, and it will ship with IP68 certification for water and dust resistance.

What else will be in there? Qualcomm’s 2018 Snapdragon 845 seems likely, 4GB of RAM or more, Android Oreo … it’s not hard to speculate, but until it’s announced, we simply won’t know.


  1. Can’t say I blame them. I wouldn’t want to try to share the spotlight with the Korean Juggernaut.

    • Nor I, Geoff. The funny thing is, MWC 2017 was all about Samsung (by not being there, it was a power vacuum almost), and MWC 2018 is shaping up to be about Samsung in a very big way.

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