Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 event at Mobile World Congress has been spoiled with renders of the phones, as well as details on specs and details on their ‘The Camera. Reimagined’ slogan leaking as well.

In the article from Venture Beat, the usally well informed Evan Blass says the phones will look similar, differentiated not only by size but also internal specs and camera setup. The renders provided show the controversial Bixby button present on the left hand side of the device, with a volume rocker sitting just above, the power button is on the right.

In terms of specs the phones will differ in screen size with the S9 at 5.8″ while the S9+ will be 6.2″. The internal specs will again see regional variants with the US and Chinese models powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 while models released in other countries around the world powered by the Samsung built Exynox 9810.

The phones will come in different RAM/storage configs with the S9 coming with 4GB RAM/64GB of storage while the S9+ will get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Further differentiating the phones will be camera specs, though both will have a 12MP sensor with a variable aperture that utilises a ‘mechanical adjustment’ to switch between an f/2.4 and f/1.5 aperture. The major difference in cameras is the addition of a secondary 12MP camera module on the S9+ which will stick with a fixed aperture.

The front-facing camera on the phones will remain the same however with an 8MP sensor on both phones.

Blass says that the phones are expected to go on-sale on March 16th, which the observant will note is shown on the lock screen of the renders.

Samsung announced on Thursday that the Galaxy S9 will be announced at an event streaming live on February 26th at 4am AEDT. We’ll be there to check out the latest that Samsung has to offer at Mobile World Congress.

Will the difference in specs make you re-think a Galaxy S9?

Source: Venture Beat.
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    Anyone else think the S9/S9+ are uglier than the S8/S8+?

    The side bezels are larger, the top and bottom bezels are asymmetrical…I think it went from a beautiful phone design of last year, to a pretty boring one this year?


    Just so you guys know Google adds have posted a scam advertisement on your page about musk leaving Tesla for Bitcoin trading even though he just signed on to tesla for another 10 years.
    They are a scam hacking group.


    Sounds pretty cool, I dont know if the improved bits will be enough to upgrade from my S8+ which is still pretty good, I really don’t care if the case/body is basically unchanged (except for the dam fingerprint sensor location ! ) , i would rather not change stuff just for the sake of change and bugger it up ( i hate some of the changes they made to going from the iphone 8 to the ten ) . As for the controversial Bixby button ? , I’m glad it’s there , I don’t use it heaps , but i… Read more »