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After earlier rumours suggesting Huawei would avoid the P11 name for its 2018 phone releases, it seems the momentum is building towards the use of the P20 moniker instead. At the outset I’ll say there’s not a lot to this news today, except for what could be confirmation of the P20’s name, and the codenames for the various hardware configurations, thanks to Roland Quandt who’s built a bit of credibility in recent times as a fairly decent source of leaks.

This is unconfirmed information, let’s be clear. There’s no source, no attribution, and little detail beyond what you see there. Roland contends there’ll be three P20 models (which fits with what we’d seen previously). The standard Huawei P20, codename Emily, will come in (at least) Ceramic Black and Twilight colours, and the larger P20 Plus – dubbed Charlotte – will come in the same two colours. The P20 Lite variant, dubbed Anne, will come in Midnight Black, Klein Blue and Sakura Pink.

Simply put, there’s nothing else to this. It’s further weight to Huawei going with the P20 name, and predicting that there’ll be a standard, Plus and Lite variant really isn’t a stretch.

I guess we’ll find out more in the coming weeks – though rumour has it Huawei won’t be talking the new P20 range at MWC 2018, instead opting for a later event in March according to rumours.

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