In light of Australia Day just past, it’s probably time to make sure you’re all up on your Australian history. Luckily there’s an Australian Trivia Google Assistant app to help – and it’s kinda fun.

The app can be found in Google Assistant by searching for it, or you can see it on the new Google Assistant web directory. The aim of the app from developer Faisal Kamal, which works just about everywhere Google Assistant is, is to (as the blurb says):

Test and improve your knowledge of Australiana and have fun with our Australian trivia app. Covers general knowledge, history, and things you’ll find on the Australian Citizenship Exam.

It’ pretty neat actually, though unlike other trivia ‘games’ this is a single player only game. You get asked five questions with the Google Assistant acting as compère for the quiz. The Assistant still has some rough edges in pronunciation, but that doesn’t seem to be related to the app.

It’s a bit of fun, something you can play next time you’re bored. Check it out now on Google Assistant.

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    Paul Miller

    “You did fantastic work and it *payed* off” ???