It’s a pretty quiet time of year before the big phone launches, but companies are apparently companies are still out there talking and one reddit user has spoken about some possible upcoming Moto Mods and a launch date for Google’s not-so-secret operating Fuchsia.

The user on reddit – the imaginatively named MotoThrowaway2018 – has said that while attending an unnamed conference he/she was shown some new unreleased Moto Mods. The mods include a new camera mod with support for interchangeable lenses from SONY, Canon, and Nikon, a new brighter (35% brighter) projector with a bigger battery, a new low-cost speaker mod and a mod with a selfie drone on board.

There’s no further information on release dates, but the Moto mod with the drone may not happen with the manufacturer reportedly dropping out. Mobile World Congress would be a great time for Lenovo Motorola to show off some new mods, so we’ll find out in just under a month.

The big news for people keeping an eye on development of Google’s new operating system, Fuchsia. Apparently Google is aiming for a 2019/2020 launch date with the Pixelbook 2 being an ‘Alpha’ device.

The launch date is pretty aggressive for a new operating system, though Google has never shied away from releasing software into the public domain with a few rough edges. It does give a time-frame for a new Pixelbook though, with the current Pixelbook which is currently being used to test Fuchsia only just released.

There’s no proof for any of this, it could just be some random making stuff up. Motorola is all in on Moto Mods at this stage so we’re pretty sure they’ll be showing something off soon. As for Fuchsia, well, everyone is keen for more info on this one, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: reddit.