In a world where we seem to be going back to a stylus input on devices, Google has joined the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) in a move to standardise pen input.

Google and five other companies which includes 3M, Lattice Semiconductor, Maxeye Smart Technologies Co., Ltd., MyScript and Tactual Labs Co. will join the initiative which already boast 30 members which include Intel and Lenovo. The aim of the USI is to ‘develop and promote an open industry specification for an active stylus’, with the USI delivering their first specification last year.

The standard is for a two-way communication channel on an active stylus which will be able to work without interference from other electronic devices around it, by jumping frequencies as they become noisy. The USI standard also allows for preferences including the ink colour and stroke to be stored on the stylus, allowing the users to switch devices. It also allows for multiple stylus input.

Google has been building in stylus support to education focused Chromebooks since last year, and they’ve recently released the Pixelbook Pen to work on their high-end Pixelbook Chromebook. The USI will allow for a more open approach to stylus, allowing you to purchase a stylus that suits you and use it on the device of your choice.

Source: Universal Stylus Initiative.