Waking up with Google Assistant can be a jarring experience for the most part, the default alarm tone is good at slamming you into wakefulness but it’s not to everyones taste. Now Google is letting you set your own alarm music with a simple command.

The new feature was announced by the Made By Google Twitter account, which pointed to a new blog which outlines the new feature – which also talks about a new feature about finding TV shows, which doesn’t seem to work here in Australia.

According to Google, setting a new alarm is pretty easy to use, you simply say ‘Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 AM that plays [insert favorite musician?], their support page also says you can say “Set a alarm at <7 am>“, with Home supposed to ask you which song, artist, album, or playlist to play. After limited testing here, we’re not sure it’s working as it simply creates an alarm called “Artist/Music Name” and continues with the usual Google Home alarm tone.

It’s likely going to take time to roll out to users so it may be worth trying again soon, but it’s a very well requested feature so keep an ear out for it.

Source: Google.
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    Has anyone got this to work yet?