Google’s Pixel Buds didn’t receive the best reception when they launched last year, but with firmware updates able to be pushed out the buds it was only a matter of time before we started to see improvement. According to Pixel Bud owners, an update is now pushing out which fixes at least some of the issues with the buds.

The update was noticed by a reddit user who said they had a prompt on their phone which simply said that their headphones had been updated and were now ready to use. The firmware version of the update received by the reddit user is 1.1767.6040-G1-61495-541 as seen in the settings screenshot they shared:

According to CNet who reached out to Google, the update will become widely available to users on the 5th of February, you won’t have to do anything to receive the update it will auto-apply when the buds are next synced. According to Google, the update contains fixes for issues with fast pairing and phone call volume.

If you purchased a pair of Pixel Buds it won’t be long until you receive the update, and if this one is out it shouldn’t be long until we see some more – hopefully one that lets you pair to more than one device.

Source: reddit.
Via: CNet.