Burger restaurant chain Grill’d has launched their own app, letting you get access to in-app ordering, and more from wherever you happen to be.

The app includes a restaurant locator, In-App ordering, nutritional info and free stuff. You can view the localised menu for your nearest Grill’d, and save orders you make to quickly re-order your favourite burger again and again. The app can also alert you to news and promotions letting you take advantage of cheap or free bonuses.

For the health conscious among us you can also find out how many calories, and macros are in each burger and work out how long you’ll have to train for to burn off that delicious Chilli Addict burger.

The app requires Android 5.0 and upwards, so if your device is compatible and like our resident burger addict Scott, you love Grill’d as well then head over to Google Play and grab it now.

Price: To be announced
Source: Google Play.
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    Max Luong

    What ever happened to Instant Apps? This is the sort of scenario that would be handy for them. I don’t think I’d clutter my phone with a Grill’d app, but would happily use data to suck it down the 1-2 times that I’d use it.

    Dennis Bareis

    When I’m in a hurry I know how to find an app (particularly when I’ve organised my phone), not sure how I’d find anything else.