Photos of Huawei’s upcoming P20 device appear to have leaked overnight, with Slashleaks reporting that the images below are of Huawei’s new flagship smartphone.

There’s not too much detail to accompany these images, and that’s most likely because that detail simply isn’t known at this time. However, what we can say is that this phone is most likely an image of some upcoming Huawei device, and comments on the original Slashleaks post are suggesting that this is the Huawei P20 Lite.

Why? A single LED flash, and only two camera lenses. The rumour is the P20 itself and P20 Plus/Pro will feature a three camera array, so this is quite possibly the baby of the trio.

What’s also prominently shown off is the notch which we wrote about the other day. While some are dismissing this as a blatant iPhone copy, we need to consider that if you’re going to have a full-size display on the front, there’s essential technology which has to be included somewhere. It wouldn’t be much good as a phone without a means to hear the other party you’re talking with, and if you want a front-facing camera, it has to go somewhere. Unlike iPhone’s notch, however, the notch shown here is significantly smaller, and (it looks) better integrated with the status bar thus presenting less intrusion into the user experience.

What do you make of this? Only one thing is certain – whatever this phone is, we’ll see what Huawei’s been working on soon enough.

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Tango India Mike

No fingerprint reader front or back on this or the other leak of the P20….is that weird circle on the screen an under display fingerprint reader??