The Government funded Healthdirect service has launched a new Google Assistant app which is designed to deliver health information more easily.

The app is called through Google Assistant using the command ‘Ask/Talk to Summer Health..’ with a couple of commands suggested in the app description. You can ask it about Sun Block, for information on bites and stings, or even about what the UV rating in a particular city is.

The app will respond with verbal or written answers to questions when asked. There’s a prompt after some to ask for more information, allowing you to get more information about the particular area of health you’re after.

The Summer Health Assistant app isn’t showing up under the Google Assistant web directory as yet, but you can find it in the Google Assistant Explore app area on your phone. Try it out now on your Google Assistant powered speaker, or on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, or compatible TV.

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    Cute gays <3~