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The 10th anniversary edition of the Samsung Galaxy S series phones is expected to launch next year (yes, we’re on that train already) and according to rumour coming out of China it appears that Samsung is gearing up for a name change for their flagship line, with Galaxy S devices to be called Galaxy X devices from next year (2019).

The report, which was published by GizChina citing “a source from Korea” (grain of salt here), says that the company’s 10th generation of the ‘Galaxy S series’ which ordinarily should be called the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get renamed as ‘Galaxy X series’ from 2019. The plan behind the renaming and rebranding has become necessary as the company wants a simpler naming scheme to avoid having unusual names such as S11 or S15 in the future.

GizChina has posted that the naming convention may be to parallel Apple’s launch of the iPhone X, however it may be more to do with the introduction of foldable displays which Samsung spoke about launching in their latest financial results call. Samsung has long been rumoured to launch a Galaxy X phone with a foldable display and the 10th anniversary would be a great time to show off something new.

Whatever the reason for the renaming and rebranding, it will be interesting what the company may do for the 10th version of its high end flagship devices. Whether the name change effects the Note name and branding is unclear, but unlikely given their decision to stick with the Note branding after the Note 7 debacle – a wise decision given how good the Note 8 is.

Like with any rumour we report on, its best taking this with quite a big pinch (or cup full) of salt. It’s a rumour and there hasn’t been any confirmation from the company or its representatives on what it will do for next years line up of flagship devices given it will be the 10th year for its main flagship. Samsung is currently concentrating on the launch of the Galaxy S9 & S9+ at Mobile World Congress and Ausdroid will be on the ground reporting, so we’ll ask around, but we don’t expect anyone to say anything yet.

Source: GizChina.
Via: SamMobile.

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Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards

I will wait and see but if the name changes to X and things like a flip phone then S9 will be my last Samsung

Ausdroid Reader

Just as long as they don’t also add that annoying front_bump to the top of the display

Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards

I don’t get it. What’s unusual about S11 or S15?

Martin Olminkhof
Ausdroid Reader

All aboard the X train…

Ausdroid Reader

I can see it now, Samsung Galaxy X iOS edition

Suraj Padmasali
Suraj Padmasali

Samsung always following Apple, this is rumors but I’m pretty sure Samsung will announce X series on his 10th-anniversary edition.

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