I’m a bit of a tragic for an Android collectible and if you’re into Android and want something to tie-in with the Lunar New Year on February 16th then the Year of the Dog Android mini should do nicely.

The mini will go on-sale at 11am EST on February 7th (that’s 3am AEDT on the 8th of Feb for us) with a limit of two per household. It’s a standard 3″ vinyl mini with a double sided gold painted medallion on a ribbon collar with stylised dog ears instead of the usual budgdroid antenna. It comes in a box featuring reflective gold foil to accessorise that medallion too.

There’s no price listed, but they usually sell for around $10USD each, and of course shipping is extra. If you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys you’d best get up early tomorrow morning and jump onto the DeadZebra store to nab yourself one.


On-sale now for $12USD plus shipping, units start heading out Feb 9th.

Source: DeadZebra Store.
Via: @deadzebrainc.