Google+ was supposed to be the social media platform that was going to save us all, while it’s still used by a few hardcore fans it’s mostly fallen by the wayside. The app is about to get some love from Google shortly with Google engineer Leo Deegan posting about a new update to the Android app coming soon.

According to Mr Deegan the app will appear over the next few days, and while it may appear the same, under the hood it’s a completely different story with a complete rewrite of many of the core features which utilise the latest Android app infrastructure releases. This rewrite will allow for new features in the future based on the new infrastructure.

It’s not just under the hood, there are user facing updates which include ‘stream rendering and scrolling have been improved, the photo lightbox has been redesigned, comment options slide up from a bottom sheet, and grey-spammed comments are now viewable by post authors.’

Of course with any new app update of this scale there will be issues, but the Google+ App team seems well aware of at least one, advising ‘leaving a comment on a post causes a full refresh of the post to include your comment’.

The app will appear over the next few days so keep an eye out for it when it appears in Google Play.

Source: +LegoDeegan.
Via: Android Police.
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    I was deep in G+ when playing Ingress as that was kind of the place to be for that. It’s fallen out of use since I’ve stopped playing. I guess reddit is probably where I spend more time these days.

    Stephen Woots

    The Betamax, unfortunately. A better product, but ….