The Humble Mobile Bundle is back with even more games with version 22 of their famed bundle offering you up to eight games for almost nothing, depending on how much you want to pay.

As usual there’s three levels starting off at just $1USD which unlocks Splitter Critters, Galaxy of Pen & Paper and Star Vikings Forever. You can of course pay above the average, which stands (at this time) at $4.80USD and snag Oxenfree, Mushroom 11 as well as a bonus Artbook, and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story. Finally if you pay more than $5USD you can just grab all of those games plus Party Hard GO and Death Road to Canada.

As a bonus for picking up even the $1USD bundle you’ll grab the soundtrack for Galaxy of Pen & Paper – and 10% off their Humble Monthly deal for a bunch of games on PC, Mac and more.

You can, as usual pay for your bundle using PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon Wallet or AliPay and you can split your payment between the Humble Bundle folks, the developers and a charity. If you pick up any of the bundles make sure you grab the Humble Bundle Android app (which you’ll need to side load) to help you keep track of all your games, and content from the Humble Bundle.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle 22.