Huawei won’t be showing off the new P20 phone(s) at Mobile World Congress this year, but they will be showing some new products according to their social media stream.

The post which has appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo has listed both MWC and their March 27th event in Paris as venues for launching new products.

Exactly what we’ll see launched at Mobile World Congress is anyone’s guess with the company having previously unveiled new Android Wear watches, the Windows 10 running Matebook series of convertibles, fitness bands and more.

The P20 phone, or series of phones is definitely locked in for March 27th where we’re expecting to see at least three handsets launched, with a chance we’ll see more variants either there or down the track.

Huawei has consistently launched interesting products at their events and we’re expecting no less this year. We’ll be there on the ground at Mobile World Congress and we’ll check out all there is to see from Huawei, and other vendors at the show.

What do you expect to see from Huawei at Mobile World Congress?

Source: Weibo.
Via: PlayfulDroid.