With Google I/O 2018 on the horizon it seems that Google is getting around to activating some of the features announced at their last developer conference with Google Home visuals on Chromecast now going live – at least for people in some countries.

The option to view contextually relevant information on your TV was announced at Google I/O last May. In effect it will allow you to get information from the Assistant that’s best presented visually on your TV (or possibly a Smart Display when they’re released).

Users on reddit noticed that the feature was live for weather reporting when they asked Google Home to show them the weather on their TV. According to users the weather card is overlaid over whatever is currently showing on your Chromecast with Google Home providing the audible readout of the weather.

It’s apparently live in the US, Switzerland Netherlands. Our trials simply had Chromecast start playing a YouTube video about weather when we tried it here. It’s likely it’s related to English (US) but the users outside the US on reddit didn’t say which language they were using so it could be spreading out further.

When Google announced the feature they gave examples of showing things like your calendar and commute as well as weather so it’s hopefully not long before those cards appear – and fingers crossed, not long till they appear for everyone.

Source: reddit.
Via: Android Police.
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    The “show me the weather on the tv” worked for me. Yes as an overlay to the backdrop. Not sure how beneficial this would be. Other random “show me” like agenda, directions etc just bought up YouTube.


    still waiting for the media alarm has anyone got that in Australia yet?