Google has been delivering cute, adorable, themed movies based on your photos for a while now. Cat videos and videos of your kids through the years are just a couple we’ve seen, until now it’s been automatic but the power is in your hands now with the option to create themed movies now available in Google Photos.

The option to create a themed movie is now live in Google Photos on your Android device or on the web. Simply navigate to the ‘Assistant’ tab and select ‘Movie’ from the options at the top and you’ll see an option to create a themed movie from one of a number of categories:

For the eagle eyed among you, you’ll notice there’s a new category there which Google has launched specifically for next Wednesday – Valentines Day. You can go through your Google Photos stash and select pics of your boo and have Google Photos do the rest.

You can follow the bouncing ball when creating your themed movie, simply select the theme of your video and if you choose one for Valentines Day you select you and your partner and Google Photos creates the rest. Once it’s done you’ll receive a notification and then you get some control over what’s in the movie in terms of pictures (with filters if you want), the theme music and then you can share it.

It’s a neat addition to an already great service. To try it out open up Google Photos and see what you can create.

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Google Photos
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