With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, Telegram is undoubtedly popular. Their feature set continues to improve with Telegram 4.8 rolling out now with a bunch of new features.

The headline feature for Telegram 4.8 is instant streaming video which lets you instantly begin playing videos without waiting for them to download. The feature will play videos with a light grey strip overlaid on the scrubber to show the progress of the streaming as you’re watching the video.

Also included in this latest update is a switch that automatically turns night mode on after dark. The switch for setting up Auto-Night Mode is found in the theme menu under Settings. Because Telegram has a number of themes that can be construed as night mode, you can tell the app which theme you want under the ‘Preferred Night Theme’ setting.

Finally Telegram is introducing a new login widget, allowing for a ‘Logged in with Telegram’ to show you all the websites you’ve logged into via Telegram. The new login widget will simplify the process of logging in, on first use you’ll set your details including phone number, and subsequent logins will be a simple 2-click process to access websites that support Telegram login.

Using this method will send your Telegram name, username, and your profile picture to the website owner, but your phone number will remain hidden. Websites you’re logged into can then request the option to send you messages.

The update is now available on Google Play so ensure you update your app to take advantage.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.