The Unicode Consortium, the governing body who looks after the Emoji standards has released a finalised list of what emoji will be appearing on your phone in the future. The list has been seen previously in draft form but is now finalised and you’ll be hopefully seeing them on your phone soon.

The list includes 157 new emoji in total with the inclusion of people with red and white coloured hair, people with no hair, curly haired people all of which come with variations for both male and female and skin tone. There’s also a number of different more ‘novel’ Emoji including animals, food, and objects – but notably there’s no return of the frowning poo emoji which was removed ahead of the January meeting to discuss the finalised list.

For a look at what the new Emoji will look like, Emojipedia has mocked up a great video to show you what to expect. If however you like your emoji in more descriptive form you can see this list from the Unicode Consortium.

Source: Unicode Consortium.
Via: Emojipedia.