After almost two years of life, Google’s chat and video messaging clients Allo and Duo are still, for the most part, fairly spartan when it comes to what’s considered ‘standard features’ for messaging clients. Now, a teardown of the latest Duo APK to be released suggests one bugbear will be slain with multi-device support apparently confirmed.

The APK teardown of Google Duo v27, courtesy of Android Police, shows code which they feel is confirming multi-device support is definitely coming.

The move to multi-device support has been ongoing for a while now, with the move towards linking your Google account to your phone number in Duo. The latest string, literally says’If belongs to you, sign in to use Duo on multiple devices’ which is pretty definitive.

So it looks like once you’ve associated your Google Account with your phone number you can then use Google Duo on multiple devices. Basically you can use it on tablets, phones – maybe a Chromebook that supports Android apps – but still no mention of a web client. It’d also be great on Android TV if you could add a camera.

Google Duo 27 is out now in Google Play, but none of the multi-device functions are yet available but it looks like it’s only a matter of time.

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    This is great. I love Google Duo and multiple accounts would be most welcome.

    What this needs now is ability to conference call, Chrome and Chromebook support.