Just like Android Apps started off in limited access, Google Assistant may soon be rolling out to more Chromebooks beyond the inaccessible Pixelbook according to a commit spotted on the Chrome gerrit.

Spotted by XDA-Developers, the commit suggests that, if implemented, Google Assistant would be turned off by defualt with OEMs given a choice of whether to allow the ‘Ok/Hey Google…’ hot word, or tie it to a button on the keyboard – or both.

There’s only talk of Chromebooks at this stage, but it may roll out to other Chrome OS devices such as Chromebases, Chromebits and Chrome boxes as well.

As for when we’ll possibly see Google Assistant available more broadly on Chromebooks it comes down to when Google allows the code to be pushed, and then when/if OEMs will allow it to be implemented on their Chrome OS devices. Google seems pretty intent on making Assistant available more broadly, so hopefully this won’t take too long to arrive.

Source: Chrome Repository.
Via: XDA-Developers.
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    Geoff Stewart

    I feel like a total dork talking to my phone or mini anyway, so bring on the Chromebook. Total dorkiness guaranteed.