Google’s Messages client is already an integral part of Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) push, but it may become even more useful with the introduction of a web client in the near future.

In one of their infamous teardowns, Android Police have found strings indicating that Messages will get an ‘Allo-like’ web interface. Codenamed ‘Ditto’ the feature will pair your phone to the web using a QR code you scan on your phone, and from the looks of it all browsers will be able to be used.

According to the teardown you’ll be able to login with multiple PCs, so you can have a desktop, laptop, Chrombook etc. all logged in. You’ll also be able to disconnect these easily from a list of connected devices.

A feature that’s more aimed at RCS functionality, though really, once you’re messaging on the web or phone is there really a difference? Messages will offer the option to text message, and perform other activities you can do using RCS over Wifi.

Google has been pushing their Jibe powered RCS service, which recently found adoption with Huawei phones, for some time now. It appears that if they offer a WiFi based option for RCS messaging it may be a good way to push the RCS functionality perhaps encouraging carriers to offer the option.

Messaging on Android is desperately in need of a bump. Allo hasn’t done it, but maybe Messages can.

Via: Android Police.
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    Philip Clark

    More than anything Messages needs to sort out group messaging behaviour. The fact that group message functionality is still completely random on Android is ridiculous and one thing iMessage has had right from the start. Having replies to group messages displayed as part of the original message thread would be a good start.

    Philip Clark

    Does that include boost?


    Interesting. Seems you should source where you got your comments RE: Vodafone. I know Ausdroid reached out and got that comment last year

    Ben Bradey

    Are we able to use any of the RCS functionality in Aus yet? Any telcos moving on this?