With just two weeks left until Samsung officially unveils their latest S series Galaxy phones, the leaks are coming thick and fast. The latest leak is the official Galaxy S9 covers which show some familiar covers, as well as a couple of new ones.

In terms of new cases, the Hyperknit case is something we haven’t seen before. The official description reads:

This case provides a unique and stylish design for your stunning Samsung Galaxy S9. Running neatly around your S9’s edges to provide excellent side on protection, the case also ensures that the back of your new smartphone is also protected against scratches, splashes and any other bumps and surface damage.

Also new is the Protective Standing Cover with MIL-STD-810G-516.7 certification that will provide ‘Ultimate Device Protection’.

In terms of familiar covers, the LED View Cover is making a return in a couple of different colours. The LED View Cover displays the time in LED lights and displays “pertinent information”.

Also returning is the Alcantara cover which will give your Galaxy S9 a case with a soft suede-like feel that Samsung say is durable and stain resistant. Samsung describes Alcantra as a ‘Luxurious and Premium material, and it was priced rather high when it launched with the S8 last year.

The Clear View Standing Cover is also coming back, the case is a translucent flip cover which displays the screen behind it. You can interact with the display while it is closed to control calls and music. You can also prop up the phone so you can watch video in landscape.

The Silicone Cover is making its return as well. Previous iterations have included a microfibre interior to prevent any scratching of your phone so that should afford your new phone some protection. The box describes the case as having a ‘silky and soft-touch finish’.

There’s a number of different colours over on winfuture.de so check them out, and when Samsung unveils the range of cases there may be a number of different cases and colour options not shown here. We’ll be at the launch in Barcelona to bring you all the latest on the Galaxy S9 including the accessories so stay tuned.

Source: winfuture.de.