If you’re a keen bargain hunter in Australia you’ll be familiar with catalogue aggregator Lasoo. The Lasoo Google Assistant app is set to find you deals on a wide range of items from Australian retailers with the power of your voice.

The app isn’t showing in the Google Assistant web directory, but it is on your phone if you search for it. You can use a bunch of commands starting with ‘Talk to Lasoo’. You can also get a lot more specific by asking ‘Ask Lasoo for a deal on chicken nuggets’, ‘Ask Lasoo to find some Cadbury Chocolate’ or ‘Ask Lasoo to find some lamb chops on special’.

The app is pretty easy to use, call it up and start asking questions about things in their database. You will need to supply your postcode, then ask about a product you want to find. It’s not perfect if you go outside the examples they supply, and it also failed to find me a deal on Chicken Nuggets – ($10 for 24 nuggets at KFC btw, I ate 76 the other night).

Not a bad attempt, it can be improved. If you’re looking for something then it’s worth trying it out to see what happens. Check it out now.

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    FYI: Not showing up on my phone.