It’s the day for showing your loved one how much you care, whether it’s a card, gift or just spending some extra time with them it’s always appreciated. You could spend Valentines Day watching a romantic movie with them, or better yet, let them curl up with a good book for Valentines with these Google Play Deals.


Romance novels have traditionally always sold well in Google Play, at least judging by how prominent they always seem to be in the store. This time around there’s deals on a wide range of romance novels with over 100 titles priced at under $5. I can’t say whether they’re good or not as I’ve not generally delved into the romance genre, so probably best you check them out if that’s your jam.

There’s also a deal for books from publisher Waterhouse with $3 off titles priced over $4. There’s a few authors listed in the deal including Audrey Carlan, Helen Hardt, Angel Payne and more. You can check it out on their focus page here



If you want to curl up with a good movie, then Google Play Movies has some good deals on movies priced under $10. Of course there’s a catch with some movies only offering the SD version for under $10, so beware of that.

There’s some surprisingly good movies on sale that qualify as ‘romantic’ movies in the focus that Google Play is offering, like About Time, Mr Right, and Clueless (I know, I’m showing my age). You’re probably better off suggesting one of these though before you’re stuck watching Twilight or the latest 50 Shades of Grey though, so get in fast.

To check out all the deals, head over to Google Play to check them out.