The AFL season is upon us, so if you’re searching for the latest AFL info from Google Assistant and the official AFL Assistant app isn’t cutting it then try asking Aussie Rules Guy.

Created by Ausdroid reader Phillip Malone, the Aussie Rules Guy Assistant App gives you all the latest AFL info you need including when your team played, where they are on the ladder or the scores.

As laid out in the description for the app, which you can see on your phone, or on the web, there are several commands you can use:

  • Ask Aussie Rules Guy for Round 23 Ladder
  • Ask Aussie Rules Guy if West Coast won in Round 6
  • Ask Aussie Rules Guy if the Tigers won?
  • Ask Aussie Rules Guy when Carlton play in Round 15
  • Ask Aussie Rules Guy when Crows play next

As we’re in the pre-season there’s no real info as yet, but you can at least find out when your team is playing their first round.

It’s a pretty good app, which will get a lot more useful as the season goes live. Check it out now by telling Google Assistant to ‘Talk to Aussie Rules Guy’.

Source: Google Assistant.