Ahead of the upcoming New York Toy Fair this weekend, Hasbro has announced a new Iron Man themed Augmented Reality (AR) helmet as a movie tie-in for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars movie which arrives in Australian cinemas in late April.

The package includes a helmet with a mount for either an Android or iOS phone, with an app expected to launch in their respective app stores.

With the phone mounted in the helmet, the app utilises the camera in the phone to project an AR environment for kids to interact with. Included AR markers – additional markers can be downloaded from the internet and printed out – can be placed around the room to create points for the game to track and players to interact with. A gauntlet for the hand also has AR tracking markers allowing you to blast away with Iron Mans famous repulsors built-in to his gloves.

Hasbro has announced the kit will sell for $49.99USD when it goes on-sale in the ‘Spring’ likely in time for the launch of the Avengers: Infinity War movie. We’ve reached out to Hasbro about a local Australian release.

Via: TheVerge.