If you’re in the market for a new TV then Kogan has today begun taking pre-orders for their latest ‘Smart’ TV, which while it won’t run apps does include Chromecast support built-in.

The 4K resolution LED TV is 55″ in size and is selling for $599 on pre-sale with orders set to begin shipping on February 27th. Delivery is of course extra, with shipping to Brisbane, Perth and Canberra around $60, Brisbane just over $40, but a built-in calculator on the site will let you know exactly.

The panel includes three HDMI inputs, and an option for either Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect the TV to your network. The TV includes a Chromecast button on the remote, and it’s thn as simple as using the inbuilt Cast feature in apps such as Netflix, Spotify, Stan and more to send content to your TV. There’s 2x 8W speakers included in the set as well.

Not a bad option for the bedroom, kids play room or even as a monitor. You can check it out on the Kogan website.

Source: Kogan.
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    I bought this tv and it is a dud. The inbuilt chromecast drops out continually and you have to keep turning the tv off and on to get it restarted. The plug in chromecast attached to my old tv was infinetly better

    Jacob Brown

    What does that mean? Why is it a better monitor than TV? Looks like a good deal to me…..??

    Benjamin Dobell

    > Not a bad option […] as a monitor

    Secret is out. Dan is a giant.