Accessory maker 3SixT has today announced some new accessories that will make your everyday life easier with a new wireless charger and True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds now available for sale in Australia.

The 3SIXT Quick Charge is a 7.5w iOS / 15w Android Wireless Charger that will sell for $79.95. The charger is compatible with devices from Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG and more, it’s lightweight, portable that lets you charge your devices by simply placing them on the pad. It’s a hassle free charging station that gets your device back up to full power with no fuss.

The 3SIXT BT Studio True Wireless Earbuds are another great option for those that are looking for Bluetooth earphones in what’s becoming – unfortunately – a world without 3.5mm headphone jacks in phones. The earbuds are IPX5 sweatproof, so they’re great fora work out and offer 3 hours of continuous playback, with the included protective charging case able to fully recharge the earbuds up to five times on the go.

The earbuds are priced at $129.95 AUD making them a very well priced option if you’re looking for something to connect to your new headphone jack-free phone.

Both the 3SIXT Quick Charge Wireless Charge and 3SIXT BT Studio True Wireless Earbuds are available at Newslink, Tech2Go, Vodafone, Optus, Telstra and Network Communications, so head in to a store to check them out.

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Wireless charging can make the phone hot at times so I prefer the ones that have a built in fan.