Tuesday , June 5 2018

Samsung has apparently halted the Oreo update for the Galaxy S8/S8+

After beginning the rollout of the Android 8.0 (Oreo) update to Galaxy S8/S8+ handsets in selected markets last week, it appears that Samsung has pulled the update.

According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung has removed the G950/G955-FXXU1CRAP Android 8.0 firmware files from their servers, meaning users can no longer access the update. Samsung had begun rolling the update out in Turkey, Norway, the UAE, India, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and was expected to begin offering it in the Netherlands next week, but as of right now the update is no longer available.

According to SamMobile sources, Samsung is working on a new version of the firmware for the Galaxy S8/S8+.

It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last that a company halts an update for a phone so there’s nothing really to worry about here, especially as the update had not been made available in Australia as yet.

Exactly why the update was pulled, or what the new version of the firmware will include isn’t clear – and Samsung aren’t saying, but apparently a new version of the firmware will be available soon.

Source: SamMobile.

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  1. I randomly checked to see if I had a software update on my Samsung S8+(Vodafone Aus.) even though there wasn’t the usual notification.Sure enough the 8.0 version(Oreo) was waiting to be downloaded, contrary to all the online info stating it had been halted.
    There are some great additional features,such as using the scrolling screenshot feature which will allow you to screenshot content that exceeds the screen length instead of taking multiple shots.
    However, what I can’t understand is some of the features Samsung has chosen to take away from users. The main feature I’m definitely not coping with losing is the ability to choose personalised text message alerts.You still have the ability to choose different ringtones for your contacts but now the only other personalisation option is…VIBRATION PATTERNS! Yep, that’s it!
    I think I must be missing something here. Because i don’t know of anyone who can determine which contact has sent them a message simply by remembering who they allocated, out of the 10 patterns available, that particular vibration to!
    Futhermore, you can no longer choose a different sound for emails.There is just the one notification option for all types of notifications for all contacts and accounts.(unless I’m missing something here)
    So now I dont know which account I’m receiving an email for, whether it IS even an email, or a text message(or reminder) or who’s sending it, without physically looking at the message.
    A massive loss in my book!
    I wish I could uninstall the update because you don’t miss what you’ve never had but you do miss something you really liked thats taken from you without warning.

  2. I installed the stock S8 Oreo update and it works fine. I have a few issues that I am guessing is region specific, one is the missing places tab in the phone app, no support for VoLTE or calls over wifi that I can see and no options for RCS that I can find. The stock keyboard learns but the gif support isn’t as great as they say as you can’t search for them.

  3. It’s been 91 days since Samsung Australia released an update for the Galaxy S7. Still on the October 2017 Android security patch. Quite pathetic. I won’t be moving to an S9 because of the slow pace of updates, as evident with S8 & S7 devices. Wish the Pixel phones were better quality

  4. Jesse Kinross-Smith

    Well the firmware was appropriately named – FXXU1CRAP
    But yes, not surprising, Samsung have given shocking support for the S8/S8+ and they’ll forget about it entirely once the S9 comes out. Sounds like we should have Nokia’s!

  5. Coincidence that it was pulled just before the S9/S9+ gets released? I’m due a handset upgrade in May and I doubt my Telstra S8+ will have received Oreo before then. I imagine Samsung pulling this update will also mean the S8+’s current Oct 2017 security patch will have to last a few more months too.

  6. Hmm interesting , hopefully it’s a better version and ………. not too long coming .

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