With Mobile World Congress only a week and a half away it appears that Sony has had a change of heart with regards to at least some internals of their latest flagship, asking the FCC to remove all grants from their submission.

The letter submitted to the FCC on February 7th asks the FCC to dismiss all grants for the device with FCC ID: PY7-00718V due to a ‘Design Change’. The reason for asking the FCC to reject submissions is likely not to a major revamp of the look and feel of the handset itself, rather the internal wireless specifications of the device. The FCC doesn’t particularly care how a phone looks, just that it adheres to the wireless specifications the US has laid out.

Sony has scheduled a press conference at Mobile World Congress on Monday morning, the first day of the show at 8:30am in Barcelona (that’s 6:30 pm AEDT if you want to tune in here in Australia). We’ll be at the booth and ready to go hands-on with whatever Sony has to announce.

Source: FCC.
Via: Xperia Blog.