The rollout of Oreo to the Android Wear platform is well under way, but it seems the latest tasty treat isn’t all that tasty for Android Pay users living outside the US or UK.

Accordin to users on the /r/AndroidWear subreddit the update disables Android Pay for the Huawei Watch 2 for users in Australia, Poland, Canada and more. According to reddit user 401InvalidUsername, the Google Support team are advising that Android Pay for Android Wear hasn’t actually launched outside the US/UK, flying in the face of many happy Android Pay users who have been using the service on their watch in these countries for some time.

Android Pay is listed on the official Android Wear website as a feature of the platform, with the only rider that Android Pay is not available in all countries – however it is available in Australia and has been for just shy of 2 years.

By default, Android Pay on the Huawei Watch 2 is disabled when you first get it out of the box, but a simple search on the Android Wear Google Play store gives you the option to enable Android Pay rather than installing it. This is currently what’s happening, so users can manually choose to re-enable but the switch will apparently revert to disabled after a time.

There’s no sign of the issue being reported on the Android Wear section of the Google Product Forums, so we’ll have to wait and see what Google’s official stance is on this one.

Have you received the Oreo update on your Huawei Watch 2 yet? Are you seeing issues with Android Pay?

Source: reddit.
Via: Android Police.
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    Oreo has been an absolute let down so far! Google pay is not the only feature you will lose. Google play music side loading is also gone. You are left with the crappy wear app on your watch to download the music which is super painful.

    And the answer to that question is a yes. I live in Australia and I am experiencing the same issue Daniel.

    Marcin PL

    After updating Huawei Watch 2 to Oreo Android Pay – Google Pay has stopped working in Poland … The application turns off 🙁 What to do?

    ugh. Mine updated, how do i roll back? 8.0 adds nothing and takes away the only reason I chose a hwatch2 over others (NFC).