Google will improve their IoT connected devices and services offerings in their Cloud Platform service with the announcement of their intent to purchase Xively, a division of LogMeIn.

The acquisition, reportedly worth $50 million, will see 45 staff incorporated into the Google Cloud Platform team, which will bolster their burgeoning IoT Core offering.

According to their blog post yesterday, customers will see a benefit from the purchase with IoT and Pub/Sub, Google Cloud Prodcut Manager Antony Passemard saying

Our customers will benefit from Xively’s extensive feature set and flexible device management platform, paired with the security and scale of Google Cloud. With Google Cloud’s deep leadership in data analytics and machine learning, our customers will also be uniquely positioned to build turnkey IoT solutions and focus on business value creation.

The acquisition will position Google’s cloud platform service ahead of estimates that 20 billion connected IoT devices will come online by 2020. Google sees the need for data and analytics as a big part of the coming IoT revolution, so Xively will apparently provide that.

Source: Google.