The Google App (Beta) has begun offering the option to edit or share when taking screenshots within the Google Feed, Search Results and Chrome custom tabs.

For users on the Google App Beta Channel (V7.21) the option for native screenshot editing and sharing is now showing once a toggle is switched in the Google App. To find the switch, open the Google App, then go to Accounts & privacy and scroll to the bottom. Once selected any screenshots taken in the Google Feed, Search Results and Chrome custom tabs.

Once a screenshot is taken, the first instance will ask if you want to participate and then ask for permission to access photos, media and files. If you say yes and allow permission you’ll be offered the option to edit or share next time you take a screenshot.

The edit tools allow you to crop, or annotate/draw on your screenshot. Once you hit Finished or the Tick you can then share your screenshot.

Not a bad piece of functionality for those who like taking screenshots. Unfortunately it’s not available on more screens, but for a first effort it’s pretty good.

Source: 9to5Google.
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    Dave Jacka

    I’ve joined the Beta program, installed the update and toggled it on but doesn’t seem to work for me.

    Dave Jacka

    Tried that and even deleted data for the Google app as well as the cache and many reboots. I’ll just have to wait and hopefully it’ll just happen.

    Dave Jacka

    My mistake. If I’d read the first paragraph I’d see that it’s only screenshots taken within the Google app itself. Bugger

    Mike Stevens

    This is one thing I really miss about my Galaxy S8, it would automatically pop up some options after a screengrab: share, crop, edit, draw. So damn useful, and very frustrating that such a function isn’t built into Android.