With the Google and Nest teams now happily working together, the integration of services is coming. The previously announced update for the Nest Cam IQ to include Google Assistant support will begin rolling out from today the company announced on their blog.

The update, which will apparently begin rolling out from today, is for the Indoor Nest Cam IQ, not the Outdoor model, will allow the camera which has a built-in 3-microphone array and high-quality speaker to act as a Google Home.

The Nest Cam IQ with the Google Assistant update will let you set reminders, ask questions, play music if you’re Ok with a limited speaker and even control your smart home devices like Hue light bulbs or other Nest products with Assistant integration like the Nest Thermostat – which isn’t available to purchase in Australia.

While the Assistant integration seems fairly complete, there doesn’t appear to be any controls for controlling the Nest Cam IQ itself. A strange exclusion given most people would love to cast their Nest Cam to their TV – perhaps in the next update.

Also announced is a new $5 per month option that lets you save 5-days of video to the cloud. This gives a cheaper option to their $10/month 10-day and $30/month 30-day plans.

Source: Nest.