Although we know a little about Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 845, it seems there’s more to go with Qualcomm announcing the chipset will also include support for Broadcast Audio, allowing the chipset to stream audio to multiple Bluetooth devices at once.

The key feature for most users will be that Broadcast Audio can stream audio to multiple devices, but it will do it with near perfect synchronisation. That’s not all though, Qualcomm says that Broadcast Audio will also allow:

  • Simpler set-up and pairing of devices and device management helping users to more easily manage which devices can join
  • Broadcast to numerous devices within Bluetooth range
  • Built-in robustness, automatic retransmission and packet-loss concealment
  • Encrypted audio stream designed to help reduce the risk of eavesdropping

Qualcomm says that Bluetooth Broadcast Audio is also supported on a range of their Bluetooth Audio System-on-Chips (SoCs) including the CSR8670, CSR8675, CSRA68100, with firmware updates able to be added to devices utilising these chipsets after sale.

While Multi-Room Audio is a standby of the Google Home (Mini/Max) and Amazon’s Echo line of devices, this Broadcast Audio solution could add another dimension to home audio setups.

Qualcomm will be showing off Broadcast Audio alongside other features at their booth at Mobile World Congress next week.

Source: Qualcomm.