I am sure that is what has been holding you back from purchasing a Lamborghini but it need not hinder your impulse buy any longer. Today Lamborghini have announced that some of their cars will finally support Android Auto.

High end sports cars have been slow in supporting the newer in-car entertainment software available but now hopefully it seems Lamborghini are starting something. Beginning with the 2018 version of the 740hp V12 Lamborghini Aventador S some Lamborghini models will support Android Auto.

Along with the Aventador 2018 model Android Auto will also be coming to the 40 Centenario 2016 cars, and the Huracán and the Urus in 2019. The older Centenario cars can be retrofitted with Android Auto, supposedly with a basic software update.

While it may not seem like much it is great to see Android Auto expanding to all segments of the automobile market. We have seen a lot of Android Auto in recent years at Google IO but it has been very slow with the roll out of features. Hopefully this continued expansion means that we will see a lot more in the future, especially with wireless Android Auto finally landing this year.

Hopefully Lamborghini Australia see this and send me one to test out their new software. I am willing to make that sacrifice for the good of Ausdroid, although it may take me quite a few weeks to really get my head around Android Auto in this magnificent beast.

Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.
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Nice. Sounds like time for an Ausdroid Lamborghini giveaway 😉


I concur Andrew , a Lamborghini giveaway would be an excellent idea ? ?. .