Google offered a nice little package for people who got in early and purchased a Pixel 2 smartphone from the Play Store. Along with the Pixel 2 smartphone, users also received a code for a free Google Home Mini.

This code for the free Google Home Mini (valued at $79 at the time of the promotion) arrived via email which the customer then had to use when purchasing the Google Home Mini on the Play Store.

As is often the case, codes do not last forever and the codes for this free Google Home Mini run out on the 28th of February, 2018: just a few days from now.

As a public service we are giving everyone a friendly reminder that their code will run out very soon if not already used. If you do still have an unused code head on over to the Google Play Store and grab your free Google Home Mini.

Just order a Home Mini (although the T&C’s say for chalk colour only we have heard of people being successful with all colours in the Play Store) and enter the code you’ve been sent at checkout.

You’ll need to be signed into your Google account, you WILL need a form of payment associated with your Google Account and if you want faster shipping you’ll have to pay for it.

Everyone loves a freebie so don’t forget to claim yours. Check out your emails if you have forgotten about the code and grab your Google Home Mini while you can.

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    Google’s courier charged me $250 import duty on a Pixel 2. Also refused to sent it back to Google as they said they needed to get paid for the delivery. Google refused to do anything about it – just told me to go back to the courier. Really bad experience with the Google Store but at least i have a free Google Home to fill the hole in my wallet……


    Report it to the ATO. You paid gst didn’t you ?


    Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. the breakdown on my invoice from Toll was: High value customs clearance: $58 Duty/GST: $188. Toll said that Expansys had marked the package as ‘receiver pays costs’. Even though I sent the receipt and email transcripts to the rep at Google they just keep saying I need to take it up with Toll – and Toll say I need to sort it out with Google. When I said I would charge back the postage fees on my CC they said they would ban my Google account until the funds were returned. Pretty sure I… Read more »


    I checked the terms. Customs etc is your problem.
    If they billed you GST but you paid it again then go to the ATO and report them

    If they don’t list GST on the invoice then you were ripped off by the beta company and have learnt your lesson. Don’t order from Google the beta company as their tax dodging practices cost you money.

    Google had a motto do no evil. What they do with tax is evil.


    Yeah I see what you mean. Thanks for your advice Chris, much appreciated.


    Something very suss there. GST is only 10% and it isn’t a 2500 dollar device. They already had been paid by Google to deliver it as well and in the past Google I believe covered that duty