We’re a nation of avid meat eaters. If you too enjoy your protein of choice cooked to perfection then the Meater wireless temperature probe is likely right up your alley.

The stainless steel Meater Probe is ruggedised to stand up to the stresses of your oven, housing two temperature sensors inside the probe itself, one that measures temperature inside the meat and the other an ambient sensor that allows the probe and their proprietary software algorithms to accurately deduce how long it will take to cook the roast, steak or any other cut of meat you want.

When not in use, the Meater probe sits in the elegant wooden charging dock that is powered by a single AAA battery that can give you up to a years worth of recharges for your Meater Probe. The dock can be mounted to a fridge when not in use, thanks to tiny magnets on the base. It’s paired via Bluetooth to your phone, an easy and almost instant procedure that’s extremely easy.

Like everything these days, the probe is app controlled, with a simple interface in the app which is available on both Android and iOS, offering you a step-by-step guide to cooking your perfect meal. You simply select the type of meat you’re cooking, then how well you want it cooked with the database of US FDA approved meat temperatures consulted. Once the meat is in the oven, the app will then alert you as the meat approaches the right temperature.

There’s two models of Meater, a single unit which is priced at $129, and a unit with four probes for $429 but that is only available for pre-order at this stage with actual sales starting soon. The single unit has a $20 shipping charge on top, and if you’re wanting to get your hands on Meater that’s currently the only way to do it with the Meater team still exploring local retail and online sales channels.

If you’re keen to take your cooking skills to the next level then maybe Meater can help take you there. If you want to learn more you can head across to their website to check it out.

Source: Meater.