Kogan Mobile has been offering great deals for prepaid users for a while now, and today they’ve announced a great new deal on 365-day plans – the Medium/Large/X-Large plans are going to buy-one-get-one-free until the end of April.

The 365 day plans offer you a set amount of data and inclusions every 30 days, so it’s a little like purchasing a year of service upfront. You might want to team up with a friend or family member … or use the second service for yourself.

On all plans you’ll get unlimited talk/text in Australia. Medium users will get 6GB of data per 30 days, while Large gets 16GB and Extra Large gets 23GB.

With the BOGO offer, that’s some pretty handy value:

  • Medium costs $299.90, or $25 every 30 days
  • Large is $399.90, or a little over $33 every 30 days
  • Extra Large is $529.90, or a little over $44 every 30 days

… of course, if you’re going halfsies with a friend, that makes the above prices even cheaper.

Can’t take it all in? Here’s a handy graphic:

The offer is available starting today on Kogan.com and expires at the end of April.

Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone 4G network.

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    This is cool to get new customers but I would love a small bump to the medium data. 6GB is great but 7 would give a bit more room. That is the one problem with Kogan mobile if you buy a 1 year plan you are stuck on the size you chose.


    Been with kogan for over a year, in that time they have increased the data allowance on my plan (bought a whole year at once) a couple of times (got sms+email each time to tell me it was happening). I purchased a new voucher for a year of prepaid a couple of months ago and a week later they increased the plan limit again (which gave me an extra few gb – there is no way I will ever run out now!)