HMD Global, manufacturer of Nokia phones, has announced a number of price drops across the current Nokia suite with a number of different retailers.

Nokia 8

The flagship Nokia 8 has seen a $300 price drop at JB HiFi; now available for $599 down from $899 until 15 March. There is a $360 loyalty discount on the Nokia 8 for a 36 month contract at Vodafone. The discount applies to the $40 Red Plan and is the cheapest in market option for the handset costing a total of $539.

Nokia 5

The Nokia 5 has seen a $42 price drop at JB HiFi; now available for $287 down from $329 until 15 March. The Nokia 5 is available on pre-paid for $249 at Telstra. This is a saving of $80 on the handset and the retailer is also offering an exclusive Tempered Blu colour, featuring 3GB RAM.

Nokia 3310 3G

The Nokia 3310 3G has seen a $50 price drop at Coles; now available for $39 down from $89.

With a number of new Nokia phones announced at MWC this week, the time is right to buy some of last season’s better Nokia handsets.

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I’ve got a Vodafone Nokia 8 and to date they haven’t held up any updates at all

Hiten Varsani

How do you find the phone itself? Pros and Cons

Tango India Mike

Nokia 8 can be purchased for about $470 on eBay with the current 5% voucher. Available for everyone