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For some time now, while Qualcomm makes a number of different Snapdragon mobile application processors, the big names have been the 600 and 800 series, which respectively offer mid-range price and all-out premium performance. There hasn’t really been a compromise between the two, until now, and that’s what Qualcomm promises with the new 700 series.

Designed to sit above the 600 mid-range processors and to be more affordable than the 800 series, the Snapdragon 700 series promises many of the premium features found on the 800 line, without breaking the bank. Qualcomm referred to on-device AI and improvements to camera, device performance and power over the 600 series processors.

No real-world Snapdragon 700 series processors have been announced yet, so there’s nothing to really compare or dig into. Qualcomm are promising these processors to its commercial clients sometime before end of June 2018, so we might expect the 700 series to start showing up in phones towards the end of the year.

The announcement is probably a bit too late for some of Motorola’s super-mid range devices, that that’s a place I can definitely see these processors showing up, as well as in other places like OPPO, OnePlus and the like.


Source: Qualcomm.

Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

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