+ Thursday January 23rd, 2020
Image Credit: Taste.com.au
Image Credit: Taste.com.au
Where has the year gone? It’s now March, and of course that means we’re looking at when the launch of a developer preview of Android P is coming. Evan Blass may know, tweeting that mid-March could be the date.

The mid-March date for a release of Android P Dev Preview 1 has been circling around since it came to light that Googlers were previously referring to Android P as ‘Pi’ in AOSP – but Evan is usually quite well informed about this stuff. Pi day is of course recognised on the 14th of March. The value of Pi of course being 3.14(15926535) or 14/3.

Google has apparently changed their code name for Android P to Pistachio Ice-Cream, but hopefully the date for release is still March 14.

We’ll likely get a more complete look at Android P – we’re going with Pavlova – at Google I/O in May, but hopefully we get a couple of Dev Previews between then and now.

Source: Evan Blass (@EvLeaks).

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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