The notch is in. Essential started it. Apple made it popular. Love it or hate it, soon we may not have a choice either way. OPPO have decided for their next flagship to follow the trend as well with the R15 and opt for the notch. It is no longer rumoured with it being available to pre-order for those in China on OPPO’s Chinese website.

As seen in the imagery and video below the R15 will indeed have a notch with minimal bezels. The display will be a 6.28 inch display (we are unsure at this stage if this is the Plus or the regular R15) with a 19:9 aspect ratio. The inclusion of the notch allows for the impressive 90% screen to body ratio which OPPO are touting to be great for media consumption — “super-vision”. There is also the hint that their will be a focus on AI within the camera app.

Very little else is known about the R15 – it is rumoured to be packing a Snapdragon 670 processor, which seems about right considering they mid-range processors they have put in their flagships in recent years. These have been entirely capable and impressive processors with the right software so it will be interesting to see where OPPO go with their software this year.

OPPO have a history at making very well crafted devices and this promises to be much of the same. It is being announced in China in two days time (8th March) so we will know more then.

Anyone interested in OPPO’s phone? How about the notch? Is it here to stay and is it really a bad thing?

Source: OPPO.
Via: Gizchina.
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I confess I haven’t actually use one ‘in the flesh’, but based on pictures this whole notch thing makes me unreasonably irritated and OCD-ish 😉


Will it support NFC?