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I really want this 3D printed Android body as a stand for my Google Home Mini


I’m a bit of a tragic when it comes to Android merch, so when this 3D printed Android body popped up that can hold your Google Home Mini I instantly wanted one.

The body is available as an STL file to download from both MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse to download. There’s several pieces to 3D print with some instructions on how to make it a little more of a snug fit for your Google Home Mini.

If you don’t have a 3D Printer, you can of course try uploading the STL files to Shapeways, or try out 3D Hubs which lists 3D Printers in your local areas.


    1. I’d really like a wall mount for my Home Mini, but the postage costs from any of the US-based 3D print companies are 2-3x more than the cost of the item, which makes them pretty poor value. I’ll have to make something myself.

      • Some people report having success using 3M Command Strips to put a Google Home Mini on a wall, others claim the silicone base is too slippery for the adhesives to work properly. Seems like applying the sticker then weighting it on a flat surface overnight might be the trick. Maybe worth a try?

        Other reports claim that using silicone sealant as an adhesive works – might be preferable to hot glue?

      • Jump onto Thingiverse and grab the 3D files from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2599534

        Then go to 3dhubs.com and upload the files. 3DHubs finds a person with a 3DPrinter close to you who will print it out at a VERY reasonable cost. The one I linked to on Thingiverse has 3 variants, but to print 1 and go pick it up in person was just over $11AUD.

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