Well, colour us surprised. Google has now made it possible to make hands-free voice calls from Google Home speakers in the UK.

Announced today, Brits will be able to make calls from Google Home, or Home Mini, by simply saying ‘Hey/Ok Google, Call mum’, or to any place or business listed on Google Maps. Home Speakers support multi-voice for up to six users, so when you say call mum, it will call your mother rather than your flatmates.

Google first announced voice calls from Google Home at Google I/O in May last year, but only ever spoke about rolling it out in the US and Canada before rolling it out in August last year. Coming to the UK means that it’s possible Google could roll it out even further afield, perhaps even to Australia one day.

Google says they’ll be rolling the feature out to users in the UK over the next week, so if you’re in the UK try it out.

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    Gary Bath

    Wow this is a real surprise.
    I think we have similar termination rates in Australia to that of the UK so I have some hope we will get this.

    Tango India Mike

    @daniel This sounds like a great feature. Would love to have one of these in the office to make calls from while I’m working…any “definite” release plans for Australia from Google?